Conference themes

The central theme of the conference is the transition of manure and digestate processing towards a circular economy.

More specifically, the conference will cover the following themes:

Fertilising with manure, digestate and derived products
  • Fertilising value of manure & digestate treatment products
  • Advances fertilisation management
  • Precision farming and innovations in fertilization techniques
Product innovations and new markets for manure & digestate
  • Economic & marketing aspects
  • Quality aspects of (new) products derived from manure & digestate
  • Policy impact on market development and marketability
Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment
  • Environmental technology: optimizations and innovations in treatment processes
  • Renewable fertilizers: nutrient recovery / nutrient upcycling
  • Organic carbon / fibre recycling and utilization
  • Manure / digestate and derived products as basis for biomass growth (algae, insects,…)
  • Water recovery and re-use
  • Innovative processes for energy production from manure
Environmental impact of manure/ digestate management and treatment
  • Greenhouse gas / carbon footprint
  • Impact on soil quality
  • Impact on surface and groundwater quality
  • Effectiveness of policy measures on protection of the environment
  • Cross-media effects